Kate Henshaw joins call for Senator Abbo’s removal as AGN patron

Kate Henshaw

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, has also called for the removal of Senator Elisha Abbo as a patron of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria (AGN).

The 48-year-old made the call on Twitter on Monday, directing her demands to the president of the guild, Emeka Rollas.

“Emeka Rollas, I cannot find your handle on Twitter, my name is Kate Henshaw and I do not mince words when I say @AbboElisha is not worthy to be a patron of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria…,” she wrote.

Kate was apparently responding to the call made by fellow actress, Hilda Dokubo.

Hilda made the same demands earlier on Instagram on Monday.

She tagged other actresses including Kate and encouraged them to support the fight to remove the lawmaker from his position as patron of the guild.

Abbo was caught on camera physically assaulting a woman in a sex toy shop in July 2019.