Teni flees stage as gunshots disrupt Rivers concert

Teni the Entertainer

Singer Teniola Akpata, aka Teni, abruptly ended her performance and ran for her life at a show in Buguma, Rivers State following the sound of gunshots at the event.

In a video that circulated on social media on Monday January 3, the singer is seen running off the stage after a fight broke out between two men at the event.

The sound of gunshots also led to a stampede, causing fans to run for their safety.

Many believed the gunshots happened as a result of the fight during that occurred during the singer’s performance.

The 30-year-old also perform at the Rich and Famous night in Owerri on December 30,2021. She posted the event on Instagram.

The singer was recently involved in a messy fight with music producer Shizzi over production rights of the hit song ‘Case’.

The fight between duo started after Teni made a tweet about people who ‘use’ others.

Reacting, the music producer replied Teni saying she was talking about herself as she double-crossed him on her song, ‘Case’.

Shizzi alleged that Teni gave the song which he says he initially produced to Dr Dolor Entertainment without his due consent.