QED review: Fans Mi – Davido ft Meek Mill

By Bisola Bello

Davido Meek MillDavido’s ‘Fans Mi’ is on the list of songs recently classified Not To Be Broadcast (NTBB) by the NBC. What really is the track about?

Like the name implies, the song is about the love of people who appreciate Davido and his music. Like his first single, ‘Back When’ featuring Naeto C, the chorus talks about a period in time when the now famously acclaimed Omo Baba Olowo was broke and didn’t have access to excess cash. But now people love him especially his fans.

He said that much in the chorus:

I remember when them girls no dey come around

I remember when I had no money in my bank account

I remember when the street no dey show me love

But now them dey love me

Bami mu this Hennessey o

Omo ki lo kan mi

Kan mi pelu jealousy o

Omo ki lo kan mi

Kan me pelu enemy o

Omo ki lo kan mi

Pe mi lori cell me o

I’m just balling

Balling with my fellas mi o

Oya je ka korin

Korin pelu fans mi

Oya je ka korin

Korin pelu fans mi

Oya je ka korin

Korin pelu fans mi

Oya je ka korin

Korin pelu fans mi

While the chorus is catchy and favoured by many, it’s no hidden secret that Davido never tasted poverty in his life. But a good musician knows the appeal of grass to grace stories, so thumbs up to him. As expected, it worked and people now sing the song as a form of testimony.

The track features international rapper Meek Mill who takes the first verse. In an unexpected twist, Meek chooses not to use lots of curse words on this track. It is as plain and simple as possible. The verse talks about Meek achieving his dream which is basically a car and a girl. Isn’t that every rapper dreams about in their songs?

Now am in ma dream car

With ma dream chick

 I don put my team on

Now the team’s rich

We just balling er day

You never seen

Freaking in we thrill

Like’s its Halloween

Then you see me sip a champagne

Back in the car sh*t

Even if she’s ma campaign she ain’t average listen

All this paper turned me to a savage

This all I have to wanted as a millie and bad B wadup.

The song proceeds to the chorus and Davido takes the second verse. He owns up to his real status in this verse and said he is the son of a rich man, he also adds that everybody knows this, including the girls. This totally contradicts the chorus but no one cares because the beat as produced by Shizzy is a club banger and most songs are fairy tales of artistes claiming what and who they are not.

In this verse David Adeleke also affirms his love for his fans; he even goes as far as swearing his fans give him life which is exactly what the song centres around. Apparently, his fans also appreciate him because the young star is the most followed Nigerian celebrity on Instagram with 1.1 million followers.

Omo Baba Olowo pocket full of dough

Everybody know all the girls them know

Everywhere I go I gat Dough to blow

Can I switch it up to another flow?

Girl I love the way you make your body go

An I want to make you make my money go

Am looking for the omo wey dey carry load

Anything you see men you fit carry go

I swear I no go lie

My fans give me life

They make me feel so happy

Oya tell them give me chance.

The song ends with the chorus and comment from Meek Mill and Davido with the usual affirmation of their famous names and status.

‘Fans Mi’ video is still widely played across Africa and tops various charts. Its ban by the NBC has not stopped it streaming on satellite television. The video also features Meek Mill who appears in a white ensemble with Davido.

The video is totally different from what the song is about. The song preaches the singer’s love for his fans but none of that is depicted in the video.

Directed by Sesan, the video is a short drama about Davido as a drug pusher who scams a drug lord by selling African poundo yam flour instead of narcotics. While the story is very funny to many, NBC obviously does not see the fun in it because to them it supports drugs.

On the upside, the video (below) is very clear and creative. It features cameo appearance from the HKN crew including B-Red and Sina Rambo.