Nikki Laoye breaks down in tears at Sammie Okposo’s burial

Gospel singer Nikki Laoye could not hold back her tears at the burial of her colleague Sammie Okposo.

Sammie was buried at a private cemetery in Ikoyi after a Church service on Thursday, December 15.

The ceremony was officiated by senior pastor of House on the Rock Paul Adefarasin and lead pastor at The L.O.G.I.C (Love Of God In Christ) Church Dr Flourish Peters.

In a video posted on Instagram, a sad Nikky could be seen breaking down in tears as she lamented the death of her friend.

Captioning the video, she wrote: “Oh God! My Big Brother, Bros eee Ahhh seeing you in that casket, watching you being lowered into the ground was super heart breaking for me, the last thing ever imagined to happen this year. finally freaked out as they started covering you up with sand and cement and the tears wouldnt stop…kept calling you, kept thanking you.

“The last time i felt this kinda mad pain was when lost my Dad. Yes Bros mi, my Small Daddy thank you for loving me, Thank you for taking care of me Thank you for Protecting me,Thank you for Fighting for me Thank you for Covering me Cover me nah and yes, I Covered YOU till the very end cos lam your Sister of Life 4 Life Rest on…@SammieOkposo – MY BROTHER OF LIFE 4 LIFE.”

Sammie, aged 51, died in his sleep on Friday, November 25.