Meet Modele Sarafa-Yusuf, Dapo Abiodun’s ex-aide who wants his job

Dapo Abiodun former aide Modele Sarafa-Yusuf

The race for the governorship seat in Ogun State has already begun with Modele Sarafa-Yusuf, a former special adviser on communication to Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun, announcing her interest ahead of the 2023 elections.

Abiodun, who was elected in 2019, has not announced his bid for a second term.

Sarafa-Yusuf, a sports broadcaster, declared her intention at the Osoba Adire Kampala International Market, Asero, Abeokuta, on Wednesday.

She told reporters that she is in the race to encourage other women in politics to make their intention known by declaring for various political positions.

She said “I want to be a transformative and inclusive leader and to make Ogun the state of choice for people to live, work, and play because of the educational, economic, and cultural opportunities; safety, livability, vibrancy, and connectedness.

“I’m not running because I’m a woman, I’m running because I’m capable and because I know I can do the job.

“I also think, women who have something to offer should step forward and make the country better.”

When asked why she was running against her former boss, Sarafa-Yusuf claimed she was running for the governorship post since the governor had not declared his intention to run for a second term.

She said, “The governor has not told me he is running, if people can go around and say things, and declare on behalf of a politician, it’s up to the politician to say, I want to run, step up to the place and he has not said so as far as I know.”

Sarafa-Yusuf tweeted afterwards that she took the opportunity to listen to the general public “as they talked about their needs and their expectations of the government.”

She added that she looked forward to engaging more with the people as the days go by.