Ignorant people call Nollywood actors prostitutes, Yahoo boys – Segun Arinze

Segun Arinze

Nollywood actor Segun Arinze has said ignorant people call actors prostitutes and Yahoo boys.

The 55-year-old made this statement in an exclusive interview with Qed TV.

He said this in response to the question “What do you say about actors who call others prostitutes and Yahoo boys?”

His reply was, “They don’t know any better so ignore them. It is irresponsible to call someone that when you are supposed to be the guiding line, advisor nudging the young ones and moving them forward.

“If you see them going in the wrong direction it’s your responsibility to bring them back and advice them.”

Segun also said the industry remains the same and there is nothing like old or new Nollywood.

“The industry remains the industry, old or new the industry remains the same. It is still a film industry, it is still a movie industry. So I don’t know where all these new Nollywood and old Nollywood is coming from,” he said.

Segun is a former Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) president.

His acting credit include Women in Love, Anini, Darkest Night and Extra Time.