Akin Alabi explains why Ibadan health centre is ‘too small’

Akin Alabi NairaBet founder

A member of the House of Representatives for Egbeda/Ona Ara Federal Constituency in Oyo State Akin Alabi has explained that the health centre being rehabilitated in Ajiwogbo, Ibadan is for a small village.

Mr Alabi came under criticism on social media when he shared photos of the heath centre on Wednesday night.

Some social media users said the building was “too small”.

Responding to the criticism, the lawmaker said he only rehabilitated the heath centre, adding that he did not have the power to expand it.

“About those saying the place is too small. Good question. Well, it is a small health center in a small village that was rehabilitated. The place gets like five patients a day. I am not sure there is any sense expanding it. I don’t even have the powers to have it expanded,” he wrote on Thursday.

He added: “Some are asking why was the contract given to an Abuja contractor. The answer is I had no say. That question has to go to National Health Care Development Agency. I do not award contracts. Lawmakers do not award contracts. I have never met this contractor. I don’t plan to.”

Appeasing his critics, Alabi said he was not boasting about the project.

“In the original post, it wasn’t like I boasted that this was massive or an ‘ultra modern’ or a world class facility. I helped connect the village and the agency, worked hard to make sure it happened. The entire details are in the pictures. No bragging. I don’t understand the vex,” wrote the legislator.