Bimbo Oshin excited as she shows off lookalike colleague

Bimbo Oshin

Actress Bimbo Oshin could not hold back her excitement on Wednesday as she showed off her lookalike colleague Diamond Oyinlomo, a musician.

The 51-year-old reposted a live performance of Diamond on Instagram on Wednesday encouraging her to continue pursuing her singing career.

Captioning the post, the Yoruba actress wrote: “Good morning Fam. I’ve found yet another MINI-ME in the entertainment industry. Diamond Oyinlomo you are doing well exceedingly well my darling. Keep soaring higher.”

Diamond earlier poster the video, asking her followers if she looks like Bimbo as many have asked if they’re related by blood. She noted that although she is from Ekiti State while Bimbo is from Ogun, many keep saying they look alike.

She wrote: “Fams, let’s settle this once and for all. Do really resemble this ageless, beautiful, gorgeous and living legend? That’s my mama @bimbooshin because some of you are always under my comments section and DM asking me if we are blood related? Especially whenever I post this my performance But l’m from Ekiti state, she’s from Ondo state.”

Bimbo Oshin was born in Ondo State. She attended the University of Lagos where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy.

She commenced her acting career in 1996 but rose to recognition after starring in a 2012 Yoruba film titled Omo Elemosho.