Peter Obi visits Femi Kuti

Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has visited Afrobeat singer Femi Kuti, days after the latter came under fire for allegedly referring to Obi’s supporters as ‘zombies’.

In a video uploaded on social media on Wednesday August 17, Obi, who was hosted by Femi at the latter’s residence in Ogun State, revisited the singer’s tweet about his supporters while encouraging the public to campaign about issues that affects Nigeria.

In the video, the former governor of Anambra State could be heard saying, “My own dear brother Femi, I saw what he tweeted and I said no that is not the future and the society we want to live in. We need to campaign based on issues that affects Nigeria and that is what I encourage everybody to do.”

After Obi finished his speech, Femi Kuti replied, “Thank you sir” as the two men exchanged handshakes.

Femi Kuti’s son Made and veteran singer Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, were also present at the meeting. reported that Femi Kuti on Friday August 12, alleged that some people were threatening to burn down the New Afrika Shrine in Ikeja over some media reports claiming he called Peter Obi’s ‘zombies’.

The 60-year-old said this in a video posted on Instagram on Friday night where he insisted he never called Obi’s supporters better known as Obidients, ‘zombies’.

He said in parts, “I woke up today to insults abusing me, my family and my children, threatening that they will burn the shrine because they said I said Peter Obi’s supporters are zombies. First let’s be clear, what did I say? I said I’m too angry too sad, depressed to be Obidient. How can anybody come up with that term. I cannot be Obidient in this country, ENDSARS, killings, my grandmother was killed, my father’s house burnt and I’m supposed to be Obidient? Did I call Peter Obi supporters zombie? Did I say that? No. What does Obidient mean? I don’t like that terminology for myself and I am never going to use it.

Speaking further, the Grammy nominee said: “Nothing can make me to be Obidient. I’m too angry, too sad, too depressed to be. Stop threatening to burn the shrine, stop threatening my children, stop that rubbish.

“Do I support Obi? No? I support Atiku definitely not. Do I support Tinubu? Please don’t look for my trouble. How can I be supporting Tinubu? Have I ever supported any political party? Never.”