Why I’ve remained friends with Bimbo Oshin for 15 years – Jaiye Kuti

Nollywood actress jaiye kuti

Actress Jaiye Kuti has explained why she has remained friends with her colleague Bimbo Oshin for 15 years.

Jaiye, who shares a close relationship with Bimbo offline and on social media, revealed her reason in a recent interview with QEDNG.

The Yoruba movie star described Bimbo as a wonderful person with a good heart, adding that they will need each other’s companionship after raising their kids.

She said: “Bimbo is a wonderful person you need to know her one on one, you know she is more on the quiet side unlike me, you know we cannot be the same thing but she is so good, she has got a good heart and that is why I love her.

“And this friendship is not just because of our work, it’s for our children They’re growing, they are graduating now so we are going to be having marriages, raising grandchildren, so we need friends, someone to talk to because these children are going to leave us and go so who are you left with, your friends.”

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When asked how long their friendship has lasted, Jaiye Kuti said 15 years.

The actress was one of those who stood by Bimbo when the latter lost her husband Dudu Heritage who died in September 2021.