What I’ll do if anyone hurts my sons – Omoni Oboli

Actress Omoni Oboli has said that future daughters-in-law will enjoy her but she will do something shocking if any of them try to hurt her children.

The mother of three said this in an Instagram post on Monday while preaching against domestic abuse and gender-based violence.

The actress started by saying that men are going through a lot and some women are witches, adding that if anyone hurts her sons, they will be shocked at her reaction.

“Men are going through a lot too! Some women are witches! I’m a mom of boys. I’m the sweetest person. My sons’ girlfriends and wives will enjoy me immensely but if you try to hurt my son, my sister in the lord! You will see a lion! Ego shock you,” Omoni Oboli wrote.

Omoni is married to Nnamdi Oboli.

They have three boys together.