Sharon Ooja lashes out at trolls claiming she married another woman’s husband

Sharon Ooja

Actress Sharon Ooja has lashed out at those who claimed she married another woman’s husband.

The 33-year-old who announced her secret wedding on March 23, has been facing backlash following her decision to keep her husband’s identity hidden.

However, the actress finally broke her silence on the matter in an Instagram story on Tuesday in which she laid curses on those trolling her.

She wrote: “It’s so sad how people feel they can just type mean stuff because they have a phone. I’m in the public eye but I’m a human being !!! … Lord knows if you type any mean thing under my comment section or threaten my life because I shared my joy or insinuate anything far from my reality all because you want to see the face of someone you clearly don’t know and aren’t looking for, is anyone missing in your life ?.. whatever you wish me or write will be your portion times 1000!!!!

“If you threaten me it’s your own life that will be taken if you sit and spread rumours about me just for gist sake.. you will dance without rhythm. you will plant without harvest.. joy will be far from you … God will punish you… I have a God who said He will take lives and nations in place of me … don’t test my father!!!

“I’m done allowing people sit and bully because they feel like it… I truly mind my business I do!!… don’t allow me take you up to God … He doesn’t play with me… and I mean it!!!! please speak for yourself I’m speaking for me.. l’m a strong Jesus baby you come for me at your own peril!!!!!! I know you can’t be loved and liked by everyone and that’s fine even our Lord and Savior collected shege but pls be mindful do not send me threats !!!!!! Stay blessed.”

“Just let’s all be clear I won’t address any animal again !!!!! But be rest assured if you mention my name with anything vile in the name of gist/comment from the rising of the sun to the going down of the moon you are cursed!!! You will be like the fig tree that Jesus cursed you’ll be fruitless …except my father in heaven forgives you !!! That curse will follow you ❤️ love and light.”