We all thought Ovaioza was running legit business — Facebook influencer Ada Ujaligwa

Facebook influencer Ada Ujaligwa has disowned the embattled founder and CEO of Ovaioza Farm Produce Storage Business (OFPSB) Ovaioza Yunusa following the latter’s arrest for alleged Ponzi scheme.

Ovaioza was arrested on April 18 by the police in Abuja. She is alleged to have scammed investors of billions of naira.

With over 100,000 Facebook followers, Ujaligwa was one of the influencers Ovaioza hired to promote her business.

Ujaligwa commented on her role in promoting the business in a lengthy post to Facebook on Wednesday.

She said, “I hope it is now clear to everyone that nobody has the exclusive right to financial wisdom and that anybody ( no matter how knowledgeable and experienced you are in financial matters) can still be played, conned and scammed by a crafty and determined sociopath ( this is the only way to describe criminals who intentionally create and run Ponzi schemes) who deliberately defraud people of their hard earned monies.

“Even those who teach us financial literacy on this space and beyond were convinced that Ovaioza was not a Ponzi scheme until just the last few days when new evidence proved otherwise.

“More than half of the people on my side of Facebook Nigeria loved and believed that Ovaioza was genuine in her business model and we all trusted her completely. And that trust DOES NOT MAKE US COMPLICIT or CULPABLE.

“The same way you all trusted her is the same way influencers trusted the brands that they promoted before it went pear shaped.”

Ujaligwa added that it is only criminal when one has prior knowledge of such ill intentions and still goes ahead to promote them.