Ovaioza’s friend shares recordings of meetings held with her amid backlash

Marline Oluchi, a friend of the embattled founder and CEO of Ovaioza Farm Produce Storage Business (OFPSB) Ovaioza Yunusa, has shared audio recordings on Facebook made during a conversation with Ovaioza.

Ovaioza is alleged to have scammed investors of billions of naira.

In one of the recordings, Ovaioza denies running a Ponzi scheme, saying that she could not put her friends, who have been supporting her, to shame.

Marline said in a Facebook post on Monday that she and others tried to remedy the situation by asking Ovaioza to pay her investors their capital.

“Even with EVERYTHING, we still tried to see if anything can be salvaged. What is available? How can we help at this stage to ensure people get at least, their starting capital? Still. Still.

“Yes, it was very very stupíd of us not to know our friend was a scam. It was so dumb that we didn’t find out on time,” she said.

In another post on Monday, Marline said another meeting was supposed to hold that day but she noticed Ovaioza had become unreachable by Sunday.

Ovaioza was arrested on April 18 by the police in Abuja. Her business began suffering setbacks after the Securities and Exchange Commission went after her.