Van Vicker joins Tortilla challenge with daughter to celebrate 45th birthday

van vicker

Ghanaian actor Van Vicker has joined the Tortilla TikTok challenge with his daughter to celebrate his 45th birthday.

The movie star posted a video of himself and his daughter on Instagram on Monday, playing the rock, paper and scissors game where the winner slaps the loser.

In the video, Van Vicker and his daughter were seen trading slaps as the game went on.

Captioning the video, he wrote: “Tortilla challenge with my daughter, wish me luck.”

Fellow celebrities and fans wished him a happy birthday in the comment section of the post.

Born Joseph van Vicker to a Ghanaian/Liberian mother and a Dutch father, he has appeared in numerous Nollywood films.

Van is married to Adjoa Vicker. They have three children together.