Tony Tetuila blasts Eedris Abdulkareem for saying he joined Remedies group out of desperation

Tony Tetuila

Singer Tony Tetuila has blasted his former bandmate Eedris Abdulkareem over the latter’s statement on how he joined the Remedies group.

Tony shared a video of Eedris on his Instagram account on Wednesday in which the ‘Jaga Jaga’ singer who was a guest in The Honest Bunch podcast claimed Tony joined the band because he was desperate to sing.

Speaking in parts, Eedris said: “So we went to Ilorin that was where we met Tony Tetuila, that was how Tony joined us. Tony joined us because we needed to record more songs and him wan sing desperately by all means, that was how we became three.”

Reacting to the statement, Tony Tetuila who appeared surprised by his colleague’s side of the story, called him a liar and expressed his disappointment.

“Am highly disappointed in this guy, he is a bloody liar, how could a grown man like this be telling lies,na GOD go punish who dey lie,” the 51-year-old wrote.

Reacting in the comment section of the post, another former member of the band Eddy Montana wrote: “Omo d lies ..great storyteller but all dis narrative na lie. U cannot steal another man’s glory like data. Tony and I know exactly how it all went down,u actually broke REMEDIES up and turn around accusing another man. I ve been too quiet all dis years. It’s time!!!”

In 1997, Eedris Abdulkareem, Eddy Montana and Tony Tetuila formed the Redemies group.

The group got signed to Kennis Music and released their first single ‘Shakomo’ in 1999.

‘Shakomo’ became an instant hit as the first Nigerian hip-hop song to enjoy massive rotations on local stations.

The trio soon followed this up with singles like ‘Sade’ and ‘Judile’, but just as the fame began to spread, so also did disunity set into their midst, leading to the exit of Tony Tetuila from the group.