Eedris Abdulkareem abandons Burna Boy diss track, goes after Tinubu

Eedris Abdulkareem

Musician Eedris Abdulkareem has gone after President Bola Tinubu after abandoning a diss track about Grammy winner Burna Boy.

Recall the ‘Jaga Jaga’ singer promised to release a song titled ‘Essay to Burna Boy’ after the latter tackled him over a statement Eedris made on The Honest Bunch podcast.

During the podcast, Eedris said it is stupid for Burna Boy to say no one helped him in Nigeria to which Burna Boy replied on X writing, “Abdul Kareem abi wetin dem dey call your papa, I no blame you. I blame people wey donate money for your hospital bills. And I wish say you be person wey fit dey enter the kind places wey i dey dey, make we use mistake jam.”

Eedris, however, said he would be dropping his response to Burna Boy in a fortnight but the singer, on Sunday night, shared a video of himself on Instagram in a recording studio where he criticised Tinubu’s administration instead in a yet-to-be-released track.

The 50-year-old said he backed out of his reply to Burna Boy after a “series of calls, reflective discussions and parleys with family, friends crew and some highly spirited fans.”

He wrote: “A few days ago, I promised my fans a musical reply via a single to Burna Boy’s unwarranted attack on my person that borders on life and death by making fun of my health crisis and blaming people that helped to keep me alive during that critical period of my life.

“But after series of calls, reflective discussions and parleys with my family, friends, crew and some highly spirited fans, I have decided to continue doing what I am sent on this earth to do…that is to speak up and be a voice for the voiceless and fight for Truth and Justice.”

Changing the subject, Eedris in another paragraph lamented the economic situation of the country, saying that there has been so much “hunger and kidnapping amid corruption and bad leadership”.

“It’s very clear to all and sundry that our dear country Nigeria is currently stuck in a deep ditch…we are in a serious quagmire because this giant is tottering helplessly and our people desperately need help now!

There’s so much hunger in the land, kidnapping and unmitigated banditry in the midst of unbridled corruption and overall bad leadership,” he wrote.

The singer claimed that those jumping up to stir unnecessary controversies out of his interview are either paid agents of the government or lack compassion for the state of the masses.

He wrote: “And it seems to me that some of these characters jumping up to stear (sic) unnecessary controversies out of an honest interview are either paid agents of the government of the day, or they don’t even care about what is happening in the country now, or how the poor masses are faring…but I do!

“A lot of peeps that never spoke up for the people nor stood by them all these while are now crawling out of some woodworks in Machiavellian disguises to divert attention from the topical issues bedevilling our nation currently, over an issue that has been in the public domain for 20 years now!

“What a farce!

“Anyways, let us deal with the major issues debilitating our country first, then we can revert back to children ‘wey dey use dem papa brokos dey play okoso!’

“Indeed, there’s a Reason for every Season, and this is the time to fight for and speak for the masses as “Emi lokan/Ebi lokan” drops soon! It’s the real deal.”