TikToker Jarvis AI threatens legal action over alleged leaked video

Tiktoker Jarvis AI

TikToker Jarvis AI has threatened legal action against an X user who leaked her alleged private video on social media.

Recall viral video of what many believe is Jarvis undressing and showing off her breasts circulated on the internet on Sunday.

However, it was later stated that the video was doctored as her face was photoshopped into the body of an unknown person to damage her reputation.

Reacting in a letter shared on Instagram on Monday, Jarvis through her lawyers said she will be taking legal actions against the person who leaked the content.

The letter also stated that “It is pertinent to point out that it is an edited picture. A picture from one of the skits our clients shot was cropped off and edited to such. The originator “sparrowxn” who claimed that it all cruise; did that with the intention of farming Impressions and garnering followers but this would be the last cruise he’d ever caught.”

“We were briefed on a semi-unclad picture that circulated on the social media space yesterday, the 18th February 2024 which is purported to be that of our client, Ms Amadou. From our keen search, we found out that the picture originated from the X handle “sparrowxn”. He posted it and underneath his comment section he wrote: “na cruise”.

The lawyers also revealed that a petition has been sent to law enforcement agencies and the person behind the act must face the law, including those who bullied and blackmailed Jarvis whose real name is Elizabeth Aminata Amadou.

“We have filed appropriate petitions to the law enforcement agencies for these dastard act which contravene the right to privacy of our client as guaranteed by section 37 of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 and also contravene relevant provisions of the criminal code aet and the cybercrime act, 2015. We strongly believe in the law enforcement agencies ability to bring the persons behind it and those who posted, reposted and shared to dance to the music of the law; even those that took shield under the umbrella of animosity to bully and blackmail our client; nobody is anonymous to be caught up by the law,” the letter added.