Tinubu visits Murray-Bruce over mother’s death

Bola Tinubu

Presidential aspirant Bola Tinubu paid a condolence visit to the Murray-Bruce family on Monday at Thorburn Avenue, Yaba, Lagos over the death of their mother and matriarch of the family, Margaret Murray-Bruce.

Among those on ground to receive the All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain were Guy Murray-Bruce, Senator Ben Murray-Bruce and Millie Murray-Bruce.

Margaret died on February 1, about two years after the former senator lost his wife Evelyn to cancer on March 20, 2020.

Announcing his mother’s death, Murray-Bruce had written on social media that he was consoled by the fact that he gave her all he could to make her happy during her lifetime.

“My consolation is that in her lifetime, I gave her not just everything that money could buy, but most importantly, I gave her my presence, my time, my everything,” he said.

“On uncountable occasions, I will go to her house to hug her and play with her for no reason but love, the kind that only sons share with their mums. I love you, mum, and I miss you. This one hurts so bad. Forever yours.”