Sunday Igboho wasn’t found with fake passport – Wife

Sunday Igboho

Ropo Adeyemo, wife of Yoruba Nation agitator Sunday Adeyemo aka Sunday Igboho, has debunked reports that her husband was found with a fake Benin Republic passport.

Mrs Adeyemo and her husband were arrested on Monday night in Cotonou, Benin Republic while attempting to board a flight to Germany.

The couple appeared before a court on Thursday. While Mrs Adeyemo was set free, the court ordered Sunday Igboho to be remanded in the custody of Brigade Criminelle in Cotonou till Monday.

Freelanews said it spoke with the activist’s wife who said her husband did not possess a fake passport.

“I don’t know where Nigerian blogs got the information of the doctored passport from as that was not the case at all. In fact, the Nigerian government as we speak don’t even have access to Igboho as against the several claims in media,” she said.

She was quoted as saying that on that fateful day two of Sunday Igboho’s associates were also travelling to Dubai while she and her husband were returning to Germany when they were stopped over their names which appeared on Interpol watchlist.

“The other two going to Dubai are already there now. As for us, our passports were stamped by Benin immigration and while we were about boarding, the immigration officer that attended to us received a call and asked me to come back as he needed to check my passport again.

“Igboho, who was not called and already ahead then made a detour to the toilet while the immigration perused my passport again.

“After some few minutes, I was asked to proceed which I did but I was once again asked to stop as there was another need to check the passport,” she said.

The activist’s wife was also quoted as saying that when her husband got out of the restroom, they were immediately arrested.

“It was when he made an appearance that the Beninese security operatives swooped in on us and informed us that our names were on their watchlist and that they had the instruction that we should not be allowed to travel through their borders,” she narrated.

Mrs Adeyemo also debunked reports that her husband was chained in Benin Republic.