DSS warns against public display of affluence


The Department of State Services (DSS) has warned the public on the dangers of public display of affluence, saying it is great security risk.

Deputy director of security enforcement, DSS Kwara Command, Paul Oduh, who spoke on Friday at a symposium organised by the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) in Kwara said such show of affluence in public was one of the factors that usually attract the attention of criminal elements.

He explained that uncontrolled exhibition of flamboyant lifestyle and deliberate show of affluence has the potency of attracting kidnappers, bandits and other criminals.

Mr Oduh pointed out that these were not the best of times to show off in the country, especially when considering current security challenges.

“People must adopt moderate lifestyles, so as not to fall prey to these criminal elements,” he said.

Oduh’s warning comes in the wake of the funeral of mother of businessman Obi Iyiegbu aka Obi Cubana in Oba, Anambra State where bundles of naira notes were sprayed by attendees.

The DSS official also noted that boastful attitude and maintaining habitual daily routine can also make someone prone to avoidable attacks.

He explained that negative habitual routines, such as keeping late nights all the time and driving on a particular route every time can also put individuals under observation by all manner of attackers.

“The country is ravaged by insecurity on daily basis. However, people should not despair, security should be the concern of all people and they must be enlightened on it,” he said.

Oduh advised the public to secure their homes and property with physical security measures like burglary proofs, protective security gadgets, security lights and perimeter fencing among others.