Social media not platform for winning election – Femi Branch

Femi Branch

Actor Femi Branch has stated that social media is not a platform for winning elections in Nigeria.

The movie star made this known in an Instagram post on Monday, urging Nigerians to get involved in the politics of the nation by joining political parties and getting their voters’ cards.

“Can we talk sincerely and forget sentiments. Sentiments never get anything done. We know what we want but how do we get it. Can change come in Nigeria without having a voice in the political system? Can you influence who becomes your next President or Governor without being in the electoral process?

“The answer is a capital NO!!! Be wise, do the Needful! There is no time. 2023 is upon us! Make I rest for now. I dey come. Get your PVC. REGISTER WITH A POLITICAL PARTY. HAVE A VOICE!!!.

In a video he shared on Instagram, the actor said, “Is it possible to achieve this change without registering with a political party. What have we achieved by all these protests? A lot of people are social media activists and their activism does not pass their bedroom.

“There’s is a structure in place, there are laws governing the system if you do not belong to a political party you can not influence what is going on in that party, you can shout on social media you can put up post every minute of the day criticising Buhari or APC. Guy your opinion no go past your page but does that affect policy> will that affect the change?

Speaking further he said,” 2023 is coming, are you going to remain on your Instagram page and be doing your activism or are you going to pick up your PVC ten sign up and register with a political party, have a voice so that you can affect that change you desire you can only fight that fight from within.”