Browny Igboegwu meets daughter for first time in Canada after four years

Nollywood actor Browny Igboegwu

Actor Browny Igboegwu has finally met his daughter Kosi in Canada for the first time after waiting for four years.

The excited actor shared a video on his Instagram account on Monday, chronicling his travelling journey, from the airport to finally meeting his baby girl.

Browny who waited 10 years to have a child stated that the four years he waited to be with his daughter is worse than the number of years he stayed childless.

He wrote: “When I say na me get this year, am not mincing words cos it’s very obvious. Four years ago the whole world joined me in celebrating the birth of my daughter, a gift God gave me after 10years of my marriage. While I was celebrating, little did I know that I won’t have access to Canada to meet with her. But today God have done it for me. This past four years was worse than the ten years I was childless.

“Patience is golden and I want to tell you that any time it seems things are not working for you but your mates are doing well, just be patient.

“Any time you are believing God for a miracle and it seems to be taking forever yet you see others making progress, just be patient

“When you are running a race and there seem not to be a finish line, keep running and be patient

“Any situation you find yourself, no matter the predicament just remember that we serve a living God who is the same yesterday, today and forever and when he says yes, no one can say no and when he opens the door, nobody can close it. Just be patient. God never fail.

“Watch out on my daughter’s page @kosipearl_browny to see what happened when we first met.”

Browny Igboegwu was born on August 30, 1976 In Onitsha, Anambra State.

The 46-year-old and his wife Becky welcomed their daughter in June 2020.