Sir Shina Peters rolls out plans for 60th birthday celebration

sir shina peters

Afrojuju musician, Oluwashina Akanbi Peters, better known as Sir Shina Peters, has revealed his plans as his 60th birthday draws close.

The Shinamania star clocks 60 on May 30.

Speaking at a press conference attended by in Lagos on Tuesday, SSP, as he is also called, said he has a lot to be thankful for.

The press conference was planned without his knowledge by his friends, who are members of Sir Shina Peters Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Celebration of which veteran broadcaster, Bisi Olatilo, is the chairman.

According to Olatilo, the gesture was purely a friendly one to honour a good friend.

“I am honestly marvelled to be here today, I didn’t know a press conference was scheduled today,” Sir Shina Peter said.

Star, as he is fondly called by his friends, revealed that he is planning on launching his own foundation on May 30 to help grow talent in the music industry.

“In an industry where one has been on the big stage for 48-49 years, it was time we do something for the future to develop a legacy project that will outlast Shina Peters’ own personal existence and live on for generations to come. That was what brought the idea for the foundation,” Gboyega Okegbenro, vice chairman of Peahtree Advertising and a member of the organising committee said.

Asked what genre of music the foundation will be promoting, Sir Shina Peter said, “The foundation will support all genres of music from hip-hop, Fuji, Afrojuju, contemporary and all other genres of music, but the foundation will focus more on our indigenous music.”

He went on to add that the foundation will also help in training individuals on musical instrument ranging from the guitar, keyboard, drums, saxophones and other musical instruments.

On why the foundation is coming at this stage of his career, SSP said, ” I have paid my dues. I have been active for close to 50 years because I started at the age of 10, so it is time for me to give back, to nurture talent and encourage people. That is why the foundation is in place.”

On where funds and support will come from for the foundation, Olatilo said: “We have been interacting with all friends of Sir Shina Peters, solicited for support from friends who have support Star all through the years, and we have been given good response.”

SSP also revealed that he is working on an album which will be released soon.

He said his son, Clearance Peters, who is a cinematographer and founder and CEO of Capital Dream Pictures, has all the details about the album.