Okon Lagos can’t keep calm on 38th birthday

Okon Lagos

Actor and comedian, Ime Bishop, popularly known as Okon Lagos, has said that he cannot keep calm as he celebrates his 38th birthday.

The actor posted a series of pictures on Instagram on Friday to mark the occasion.


“It’s hard to keep calm. It’s my birthday. #okonlagos #okonrepublic #iyammi #chisos #wosappen,” he wrote.

In another post, he thanked his wife and his family for their love.

In May, Okon Lagos came under heavy criticism for joking about women sexually assaulted during a raid by police in Abuja.


Policemen in the Federal Capital Territory had gone on a raid of nightclubs, arresting women they accused of being sex workers.

Some of the women reported that they were raped in detention as condition for their bail.

The action of the policemen led to protest by women on the streets of Abuja and widespread condemnation on social media.

Reacting in a video posted on Instagram, Okon said sexual assault of sex workers couldn’t be classified as rape.

According to him, the policemen only stole for the women without paying for service (sex).