Shatta Wale: Burna Boy apologises for outburst on social media

Burna Boy

Grammy-Award winner Burna Boy has apologised for his outburst on social media after Shatta Wale dragged his mum Bose Ogulu who is also his manager into their fight.

The 30-year-old apologised in an Instagram story on Saturday night, saying he regret letting Wale whom he called a ‘pig’ get to him.

“I’m sorry everyone, I don’t do this type of shit. Fighting a pig will only leave you dirty. The pig is used to dirt. I really let this pig get to me. But I promise this is the last time I’ll ever allow myself stoop to this level.

“I sincerely apologise to everyone. I will not be seeing social media at all this year, I’m out see y’all in real life,” he wrote.

The singer had earlier stated that he was ready to fight one-on-one with Shatta Wale if the latter had a problem with him. He also vowed to make the rapper’s life a living hell.

Reacting, Shatta Wale wrote in Twitter, dragging Burna Boy’s parents.

“So if your mother dey watch you diss me today and she go forgot I saved your ass up when police was all over you in naija. Then she toooo dierrr. No wonder I don’t know your father.

“I don’t think you really got father training. You are hiding your father from everyone because you said you don’t want people to know he is a fitter.

“When you were on the run, who hosted you and your mother and your ashawo South African girlfriend?”

Burna Boy also accused Shatta Wale of attempted rape in an Instagram post. The post was deleted moments after.