What I admire about Nigerians – Trevor Noah

South African comedian and host of American talk show, The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, has said that he admires the way Nigerians support one another.

Trevor told his guest on the show on Tuesday night, Burna Boy, backstage that he respects that part of Nigerians supporting their own.

“This is one thing I always love about Nigeria, the love of Nigerians from Nigeria,” Trevor said.

The comedian, who has enjoyed loved from Nigeria, has in the past mimicked Nigerians on his show.

In April, he made fun of a controversial statement made by former minister of agriculture, Audu Ogbeh.

Ogbeh had told a Senate committee that Nigerians were making orders for pizza from London and receiving them via British Airways.

Trevor wondered why Nigerians would fly past Italy to get British pizza.

The light-skinned comedian had also made a joke of President Muhammadu Buhari refuting allegations of being a clone from Sudan.