Maryam Booth recounts loss of mum

Kannywood actress Maryam Booth has recounted the loss of her mum, narrating her life before her death.

In a lengthy Instagram post on Saturday, the actress shared a video, describing her late mum as an ‘inspiring soul’ who was always there for those who needed her.

“My mother was an inspiring soul, always there for all who came to her with their troubles. Her home was open to everyone, and her hospitality made them feel important. She was the most loving, humble, compassionate, understanding, family-orientated woman and one of the most beautiful souls one could ever meet.

I am going to miss you so much, mum. To the world, you were one person, but to me, you were the world. You did not have much, but we always felt like we had everything. You did not leave millions in your bank account, but you left a legacy worth much more. You taught me love, patience and endurance. You taught me how to pray and led by example. You praised me whenever I did good and pointed out my mistakes with that gentle voice. You encouraged me to work hard in school and taught me how to read and write. I still remember your voice as you read me bedtime stories. Mother, you were the truest, dearest, more than a mother to me.

Speaking further, Maryam wrote: “I called you a friend, sister, cousin and also My Queen God knows the inner strength you had. You were precious, a gift from God, so much beauty, grace, love and patience you possessed. You touched my heart in so many ways.

Even on dark days, your strength and smile made me realize I had an angel beside me. I do not know how I will do life without you. You saw beauty in everything in life; you were a very simple-minded human being. You were the best person morally that I have ever known. You taught us how to live life to the fullest. I promise to keep your legacy. We will miss you.”