Shade Okoya shares video of luxury air-conditioned bathroom

Shade Okoya

Shade Okoya, wife of billionaire industrialist, Razaq Okoya, has made a video of her luxury bathroom public.

Mrs Okoya uploaded the video on Instagram on Thursday, saying she spends most of her days in self-isolation there.

“During this period of self isolation I have been spending most of my time in my bathroom reflecting on all the lessons I have learnt from this experience,” she wrote, before asking her followers on the platform to share lessons learnt from the pandemic.

Shade, her husband, relatives and friends were part of guests who attended the 80th birthday celebration of the retired Supreme Court justice, George Oguntade, in London on March 10 where it was rumoured that some persons who attended the event had died of coronavirus.

Although she debunked the claims, no member of the Okoya family have been reported positive for COVID-19.