Nancy Isime celebrates 29th birthday at LUTH

Nancy Isime

Actress Nancy Isime on Thursday celebrated her 29th birthday with children at the paediatric ward of Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

The multimedia personality shared pictures and emotional videos of herself alongside few friends and cartoon characters in an Instagram post.

According to her, it has been her tradition to spend her birthday with children, give them goody bags, and pay outstanding surgery bills.

She also added that it would be her third time visiting hence she would make it different, knowing that the kids might not get the chance to watch their favorite cartoons.

“A snippet of the most amazing day I’ve had this year. I’ve visited the pediatric ward of LUTH twice in the past, so coming back this year for the 3rd time I knew I had to bring something different to the kids.

“Mascots! I know kids Loveee their cartoon characters and being here on admission, they might not get the chance to watch their favorite cartoons. So I thought, why not brighten their day with their faves,” the actress captioned one of her posts.

In 2019, the blonde-haired actress celebrated her birthday with bizarre gym shots.

She won the Miss Valentine International beauty pageant in 2009 and began a career as an actress in the TV series Echoes in 2011.

Nancy has since appeared in several films and is known for presenting gossip show The Squeeze and technology show What’s Hot.