Lizzy Gold defends attack on thieves by associates on movie set after robbery experience

Actress Lizzy Gold has defended an attack on two men who robbed a young girl and took her phone at a movie location in Asaba.

The actress on Monday shared a video on Instagram, showing how her associate producer and photography director attacked the thieves after they were caught trying to escape.

In the video, the filmmakers could be seen beating the men with their belts while they begged for mercy.

Narrating the incident, Lizzy who was attacked by robbers in July 2022 on her way back from a movie set wrote: “So these thieves stole a girl’s phone ..she raised alarm and my dop’s and associate producer ran after them I drove after them ..long story cut short the thieves were caught and beaten…the girl’s phone was recovered from the thieves…watch to the end and see the lady whose phone was stolen.

“Ps : they are known thieves in Asaba…they were taken to the d.p.o in Asaba and he said they have been in prison for 39 days only for them to be released yesterday and they still stole a girl’s phone.”

Their actions were, however, met with mixed reactions as some accused Lizzy and her crew of taking laws into their hands and encouraging jungle justice.

On Tuesday, Lizzy posted another video, defending the attack. She said the thieves initially denied having the phone until they were beaten and after further search, the phone was found in the boxers of one of them.

“You people saying ‘Lizzy Gold you are encouraging jungle justice’, I just pray these boys don’t come for you, I just pray nothing of such happens to you and you’ll understand that these boys have no conscience, why are you pitying them? And you are saying ‘take them to the police station’, they are used to the police station, and there is nothing the police can do to them, highest they will beat them and put them in a cell.

Actress Lizzy Gold attacked by armed robbers

Destiny Etiko in tears as Lizzy Gold attacked by armed robbers

“I am not saying you should not take them to the police but torture them beast them and deal with them before you take them to the police station because the police station you are taking them to they are used to it. I don’t pity thieves.

“Watch this video to the end for those saying we do not take them to the police station you will see us handling them to the police,” she said.