I’m a prayerful person, I don’t smoke – Lizzy Gold

Actress Lizzy Gold has spilled some facts about herself.

Im a recent post on Instagram, Lizzy revealed that she does not smoke but she drinks beer.

The actress also revealed that she is a prayerful and she keeps a small circle.

She wrote: “Facts you don’t know about me. don’t smoke..But drink life beer…am very reserved…my circle is very smal..and am very prayerful.”

Earlier in July, Lizzy was attacked by armed robbers on her way to Enugu from a movie shoot in Asaba, Delta State.

The actress narrated the ordeal in a video posted on Instagram on Tuesday, July 5, saying that one of the robbers slapped her after asking for her phones.

According to Lizzy, her colleagues, Destiny Etiko and Mary Igwe warned her against traveling at night but she insisted on travelling because she had a job to do in Enugu.

The actress who hails from Delta State has been featured in movies like Car Wash Ladies, Pot of Gold, School Trouble, Moon Maids, The Outcast and Royal Bridesmaids.