I’ve never experienced heartbreak – Lizzy Gold

Actress Lizzy Gold has said she never experienced heartbreak.

The Warri-born star said this in an Instagram post on Monday in which she described herself a strong-willed individual.

Lizzy Gold hinted at her ability to walk away from a relationship before her partner could end it.

The actress humorously likened her heart to “Kpomo,” a tough cow skin, suggesting that she is resilient and not easily broken.

She wrote: “I have never experienced heartbreak… My heart is made of Kpomo…… before you think of serving me breakfast I have already served you. I don’t love with my head.. I love with my shoulders so if you try to misbehave I will just drop you… I don’t easily catch feelings.

“I move on so easily and forget you ever existed …I have a delete botton app in my head , once am done with you I just delete all your memories…we must marry first before I catch feelings 😁To those currently going through heartbreak my sincere condolence….”

Lizzy Gold is one of the celebrities who keep their private lives off social media.

The actress is a single mother of two.