Joke Silva remembers sister three years after death

Joke Silva

Actress Joke Silva has remembered her younger sister, Olabisi, three years after the latter’s death.

The 60-year-old posted a throwback photo of herself and the deceased in an Instagram post on Friday.

Marking Bisi’s third death anniversary, Joke revealed what she achieved in 15 years.

She wrote: “OIabisi Obafunke Silva, @ccalagos is doing well. Many thanks to your industry children; Oyinda @uptown_boho being one of them.

“She is now the Artistic Director and Executive Director CCA. I was speaking to Bunmi Oyinsan two nights ago and we were awed by your incredible laser focus.

“You achieved in 15 years what others didn’t in 60. Especially after the cancer diagnosis came, it was like you were racing against the clock. Asiko, your training school is back. Miss you girl. Keep curating with Baba God.”

Olabisi, the founder and artistic director of the Centre for Contemporary Art had died in February 2019 after a protracted battle with cancer.