I still get sexual advances from movie producers – Mobewa

Nollywood actress Mobewaji Oyediji has revealed that she still gets sexual advances from movie producers.

Better known as Mobewa, the actress stated in an interview with PUNCH that she does not need to sleep with a producer before she gets a movie role.

She said: “Of course, I got sex-for-roles advances from producers. Even now, some producers and directors will tell you, you have to sleep with them so they can give you a lead role.

“I am not one to take such offers because if I have to sleep with you to get a role that means the role isn’t meant for me. I am a good actress and I can deliver. Why then would I need to sleep with someone in order to get a role? If I have to compromise to get it, I don’t want it.”

When asked about the notion that there are fake friends in Nollywood, she said: “I honestly do not know. I don’t have friends in Nollywood, so I don’t know if there are fake friends.”

Mobewaji is also a model and a project coordinator.

She has starred in movies like Oga Landlord and First Blood (Eje Akoko) produced by actor Kunle Afod.