I need a husband, Moyo Lawal cries out

Moyo Lawal

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal, has questioned the possibility of getting married without agreeing to have sex with whoever promises to marry her.

The Badagry-born actress asked the question in an Instagram post on Monday.

She explained that she had disciplined herself and was facing problems with losing her values as regards celibacy.

Having remained single despite disciplining herself, the Holding Hope actress said: “I am literally fighting battles to ‘undiscipline’ myself.”

“In this generation, how will I ever find a husband without compromising?” she added.

The actress had claimed in an Instagram post in August that she has forgotten what intimacy feels like.

She said the result of not having sex for a long time is making her lose her “toasters.”

“So ooo… I have kind forgotten what xxx feels like, Naaa life can’t continue like this biko, change has to happen. P.s besides I can’t keep losing all my toasters… So sad time to join the crowd,” she wrote.

She revealed in June that she does not have as much intercourse as people think she does.