How Nigeria’s cancer-like economy can be treated — Hayatu-deen

Mohammed Hayatu-deen

Presidential aspirant Mohammed Hayatu-deen has recommended ways in which the Nigerian economy can be salvaged.

The aspirant likened the economy to cancer when he spoke during recent visits to Ogun and Lagos.

According to Hayatu-deen: “The economy right now is like a cancer patient. To be able to fix it, you need to do three things.

“First and foremost, you need to put the patient on the operating table and stop the bleeding until you are able to restore the patient to a point where he can actually sit up.

“Second, you need to stabilise it by embarking on certain reforms to deal with some of the daily issues that we face.

“These daily issues revolve around poverty, lack of utilities, access to good schools, safety and security and access to jobs. You have stabilised the economy at that stage.

“The third, which is equally important, is that within a period of three to five years, Nigeria, which is blessed by God with abundant resources, we should be able to lift the country out of the woods by having a fully integrated rural development programme and start the process of industrialisation so that we become an investor nation such as Malaysia, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.”

Hayatu-deen promised that his programmes are going to be sequenced, methodically and systematically implemented just like putting building blocks so as to build the economy from the scratch, have a foundation and progress steadily.

He further noted that what he intends to do is to link the economy with a social system that works.

Earlier, Hayatu-deen paid courtesy visits to former President Olusegun Obasanjo and PDP chieftain Bode George.