Kai Cenat leaves Nigeria for Ghana, promises to return December

Kai Cenat

American YouTuber Kai Cenat has departed Nigeria for Ghana, promising to return in December.

The 22-year-old shared a video of himself at the airport on Snapchat on Wednesday.

In the video captioned ‘Ghana, I’m coming’ Kai who spoke to officials at the airport could be heard saying, “I’m off to Ghana, I’ll be back okay. I’ll be back in December.”

Kai Cenat decided to visit Nigeria shortly after being inspired by Burna Boy’s music. He announced his plan on his Instagram story on March 8, saying that he wants to experience the Nigerian culture.

He arrived in Nigeria on March 9, 2024, and was welcomed by a crowd of fans and drummers. He also received a Nigerian name, “Femi Omo Werey”, from comedian Shanks Comics who has been serving as his tour guide since he arrived in the country.

Some of the highlights of his trip include visiting Makoko where he donated money for a school project and was treated to the Nigerian delicacies, amala and okra soup.

Shanks also took Kai Cenat on a shopping spree at a popular Lagos market where he bought several clothes and shoes and set him up on a date with several women who had a one-on-one session with him.

Kai also got a special treat from singer Davido who drove him around Lagos before they eventually partied together.

Kai Cenat is best known for his live streams and comedy-based content that he uploads on YouTube and Twitch. He started his YouTube channel in 2018 and began making videos surrounding pranks and challenges. 

Kai Cenat is also a rapper who released his debut single ‘Bustdown Rollie Avalanche’ with NLE Choppa in May 2022.

He was also featured in the trailer for Polo G’s single ‘Distraction’ in June 2022. He has also included celebrity guests on his streams, such as Bobby Shmurda, Lil Baby, and 21 Savage.