Gospel singer Samuel Onoja arrives Jalingo church in coffin

Gospel singer Samuel Onoja

A gospel singer named Samuel Oguche Onoja, on Friday caused a stir online after he shared photos from his ministration at a church in Jaliong, Tarable state, where he arrived in a coffin.

The photos were from a programme titled, ‘Funeral Service – Death Of Self.’

Sharing photos from the event on his Facebook page on Friday, Onoja wrote, “Thank you Jalingo City !!! So much overwhelmed by the testimonies we received after this Experience.

“We return all glory to God for the impact, transformed lives and many others. Welcome Once again to Funeral Service — Death of Self (Die Daily).

The photos have sparked reactions on social media.

“Why the pastor allow this kind thing self, it’s shameful,” an Instagram user Joan wrote.

“And the church allowed This smh,” Princess Oloribrave added.

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“Someone said Resurrection power,” Omena wrote.

“Guy u tried, I no fit enter that thing no matter the message I’m trying to convey. Hope u prayed before and after this display. Coffin is not a good symbol physically and spiritually…, We love you Onoja,” Eze Nicholas wrote on Facebook.

“Concentrated burning sulphur, dangerously and electrically contagious, Meslesly causing spontaneous change admist the current generation. Thanks, BossGreater grace In multiplicity I pray thee,” Joshua added.