Sola Allyson celebrates son in US military on 20th birthday

Sola Allyson

Gospel singer Sola Allyson has celebrated her son Ayobami who is in the US military on the latter’s 20th birthday.

The 52-year-old penned an emotional message for her for the uniformed man on her Instagram account on Friday with a video, showing off some of the fun moments they have shared as a family.

Sola Allyson highlighted the sacrifices she made for her son and how she raised him despite the busyness of her career.

The mother of three said she fought sacrificed and withheld nothing. Her message was filled with several Yoruba quotes and lyrics.

She wrote: “I just knew it in my spirit. I knew it was time. Time for me to begin the journey of Motherhood…

“But they said I am empty…”I will do my life as I know jàre” “ỌLỌ́UN Á Ṣ’àánú mi”…

“Let me even give it a “stint” Maybe it will “do” “Ṣèb’áànú wà” Knowing the bends I had navigated in my love-hungry days…

“Oh, I was hungry and I voraciously, although with dignity, “ate” WHATEVER presented as love and yes, I faced the consequences…

Speaking further, the singer wrote: “A GIFT of mercy…!Since his “entrance” into me, I lit up!

“And I used all my might to raise this child, this gift! All of me, even with the busy-ness of my career and calling. I fought, I loved, I sacrificed ALL, withholding NOTHING! True Motherhood, soft and hard in full measure. Balance in everything. May healing be where there was “overdo” out of fear…

“Looking back, it was tough but because of my “blessing of trauma” it looked like a ride in the park… 😊

“I was used to TOUGH already so we all coped at the time of coping, with dignity and honor till the time of thriving came! He is 20 today! My bouncing 4.2kg baby boy!”

In an earlier post, the proud mother recalled the painful birthing process of her son and how she eventually delivered after a long and hard labour.

Known for her hit album Eji Owuro, Sola Allyson started her career as a backup singer when she was only thirteen.

She later became a professional backup singer and worked with musicians such as Yinka Ayefele, Gbenga Adeboye, Pasuma, Obsere and Daddy Showkey.

Sola met her husband Toyin Obaniyi in the church choir and they got married in March 2003. They have three children together.