Gifty Powers reveals why American husband’s identity is hidden


Big Brother Naija star Gifty Powers has revealed why she has kept the identity of her American husband hidden.

The 27-year-old disclosed this in a Punch interview on Sunday.

She said her personal life is not for sale.

“I am married and the reason I still have not revealed his (husband’s) identity is that my personal life is extremely priceless and not for sale. My husband is an American and a month after we got married, he suggested that since I am a Nigerian, he would love for us to live in my country.

“Am a Nigerian, he would love for us to live in my country. But I declined, due to personal reasons. However, I still have my house and businesses in Lagos and Abuja,” she said.

Gifty also spoke on why she kept her second child’s birth a secret.

“Also, I deliberately kept the birth of my second child a secret for two reasons. One, because I am proud of my two kids and two, I am full of surprises. Not every part of my life is meant for the media,” she said.

Gifty welcomed a baby boy in December 2020.

She has another daughter Alisha.

Alisha turned 3 on December 17.