Femi Branch, Bukky Wright call out hotel with cameras in rooms

Femi Branch

Nollywood actors Femi Branch and Bukky Wright have called out an hotel in Ogun Sate for installing cameras in their rooms.

The 50-year-old admonished hotel lodgers to be vigilant in an Instagram post on Monday.

He said it is a serious issue and the police should arrest the owner and manager of the hotel and also carry out an investigation on the safety of those that have lodged there in the past.

Femi said the name of the hotel is Pavilion hotel and Suites Ayepe, Ogun State.

“This camera in hotel room case is not a funny matter o!@nigeriapoliceforce @dapoabiodunmfr pls investigate PAVILION HOTEL & SUITES AYEPE, OGUN STATE thoroughly!” he wrote.

Bukky also shared a video which revealed the cameras were hidden in the split air conditioners AC of every room on Instagram.

She said, “Can you imagine this Be careful when you logde in a Hotel, Secret cameras were found in rooms at – Pavilion hotel and Suites Aiyepe Ogun State.”

Comedian Lepacious Bose has also called for the hotel to be investigated.