Fans attack Georgina Onuoha for supporting gay couple

Georgina Onuoha

Fans of Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha has attacked her for supporting a Nigerian-UK-based gay man who recently got engaged to his partner.

The gay couple shared their photo on Instagram on Thursday announcing their engagement.

Reacting to the announcement Georgina wrote: “Congratulations brother, love is love. Your happiness is priority.”

The actress’s comment did not sit well with some fans who accused her of supporting LGBTQ rights.

“Even you aunty, love is love tufiakwa,” Glowskin wrote.

“Georgina these two men right here are the main reason why most of us young women are still single,” Mimi wrote.

“I’m disappointed in your comment, you dey support rubbish,” Chuka wrote.

“Let’s hope you will support your son too if he comes out as gay, foolish woman,” Abbas wrote.

“Wow I can’t believe you are supporting evil, you just lost my respect, aunty, you guys travel abroad and forget our culture, this is not the Nigerian way, you better change cos I am beginning to suspect you,” Amy2sure wrote.

“End time don dey reach Georgina I am suspecting you like this,” Angel wrote.

“Georgina mind what you comment on, you are a public figure, people look up to you please, you are not supposed to be seen commenting on such,” Bryan wrote.

This actress just travel come change finish, na wa ooo, you should be ashamed of yourself madam,” Badboi wrote.

“I’m wondering how we go here. See the rubbish you are supporting, better remain abroad ooo! no come back, useless woman,” Kaffy wrote.