AMAA to launch 100 Film Project initiative

The African Film Academy (AFA) of Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA) is set to launch a new project ‘100 Fim Project’ initiative.

This was made known in a press release sent to on Thursday.

Abiola Durodola the project lead also disclosed this in a press conference on Wednesday.

While announcing the project, Mr. Durudola noted that AFA will be training new talent for the film industry which is all-encompassing of the wider creative community and skilled labor like carpenters, tailors and hairdressers.

“We regularly run training program across Africa, equipping young filmmakers on industry best practice. This year, we have held training sessions in Port Harcourt, Bayelsa and Asaba on cinematography and film production. Over the years we have seen the many gaps in the film making process in Nigeria and Africa at large and we have always tailored our initiatives, conversations and trainings to breach this gap.

“One of such gaps that we are breaching is the near isolation in which the film makers work in Africa. A film production needs the services of a wide variety of skilled labour and at the same time, conversations need to be had with other members of the eco-system like advertising brand managers and distribution channels.

“This is a lot for a filmmaker to take on board. To support this process, we have created the 100-film project which we have been crafting for a few years now and is a culmination of a lot of what we have done and still doing. The 100 film project is a platform that uses films to create value for brands, particularly African brands. This is a way for brands to leverage the continued growth of Nigerian films while supporting the creative industry,” he said.

The date for the project launch is yet to be announced, however, AMAA founder Peace Osigwe-Anyiam disclosed that the AMAA 2021 edition will hold on November 28, while the nominations list will be released on October 21st.