Emeka Rollas reacts to videos of Hanks Anuku roaming streets in tattered clothes

Emeka Rollas AGN President

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has said it is investigating the state of health of actor Hanks Anuku following viral videos of him roaming the streets in tattered clothes.

On Monday, a video of the movie star looking unkempt and seeking alms in Asaba hit the internet, drawing reactions.

Another video of him seeking alms from passengers in several buses on a busy road in Benin also went viral.

Reacting to the videos, national president of AGN Emeka Rollas said his team was “on top of the situation”.

Emeka who spoke to Premium Times said the guild is trying to ascertain the authenticity of the videos.

“There’s nothing I can say from the official point of view at the moment, but we have sent out the guild’s chairman of Edo and Delta States first to locate where he is, whether he’s filming and all of that.

“It’s only when we can get that information then we can say something officially. For now, we have no information. Nobody seems to know where he is. I believe it is not something serious,” he said.

Emeka Rollas also confirmed that the actor was on a movie set with actress Shan George five days ago.

Shan George had earlier debunked rumours about the actor being mentally unstable.