Desmond Elliot in France for Cannes Film Festival

Desmond Elliot

Filmmaker and member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Desmond Elliot, on Wednesday arrived in Nice, France for the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

He is on the Lagos State delegation to what is regarded as the biggest film festival in the world.

Desmond announced his arrival in France on Instagram with a picture he took in front of the Lagos pavilion.

On the mission in Cannes, the 44-year-old wrote: “We seek among other things to create a truly satisfying impression on tourist in the near future

“Selling Lagos to the world as a nerve center and showing her viability in the Commonwealth of Nations is paramount

“If you don’t market you state no one will

“About time we had sister partners /treaties with other developed entertainment countries.”

This is the second consecutive year Lagos will have a pavilion at Cannes Film Festival.

The state delegation will, among other things, present the 2018 edition of Cinema in Lagos magazine edited by Olumide Iyanda to filmmakers, journalists and other film enthusiasts at Cannes.

There will also be a Lagos party at the festival.