Dele Momodu clashes with Lauretta Onochie over Buhari

Dele Momodu

Chairman of Ovation Media Group Dele Momodu has clashed with President Muhammadu Buhari’s social media aide Lauretta Onochie after she criticised him over a scathing remark about the president.

Mr Momodu had written on Friday in response to a Twitter user Chris Iyalla that he did not “bring Buhari” in 2015 and that he tried the next most electable candidate in the 2019 general elections after Buhari “failed”.

Mrs Onochie reacted to his comments, saying: “He (Buhari) ‘failed’ because he won’t dish out cash for photos that can easily be obtained on Instagram and other picture apps. Because #BabaNoDeyDrop, your ego-massaging, ostentatious and filthy-wealth-flaunting customers, can no longer afford you. Try Diversification!”

Displeased with her comments, the media mogul launched his attack.

He wrote: “Lauretta’s grouse is that I said I considered Buhari’s government a failure. Have I said anything new? From Arewa, to Igbo, to Yoruba groups, everyone has expressed same sentiments & what I would have expected was a simple list of Buhari’s achievements but she attacked my person.

“She went their usual route of cheap blackmail that ‘Buhari has failed because he’s not paying…’ us cash. Lauretta picked on a wrong customer once again. When a child buys a pair of shoes for his one-legged Dad, he should be ready to hear some true tales. I’m not a govt jobber!!”

Sharing pictures of his meetings with Buhari, Momodu asked Onochie where she was when he spent his “hard-earned money on Buhari’s campaign without asking for anything.”