Thursday, November 25, 2021

Lassa fever: Oyo govt advises residents to kill rats with caution

Oyo State Ministry of Health has clarified that no single case of Lassa fever has been established in the state since last year when...

Six health benefits of African cherry

It is that time of the year when African cherry - the fruit popularly known as agbalumo among the Yoruba and udara to the...

Yoga fans beat Instagram’s no nude picture policy

This is the news Maheeda has been waiting for. Some women have found their way around Instagram’s strict no nudity rule.For those who do...

Eight amazing health benefits of honey

Apart from being one of the oldest sweeteners on earth, the honey comes with a lot of health benefits.Below are eight of them.Relieves coughIt...

Eight health benefits of banana

Bananas are more than fruits that simply satisfy the taste buds. They also include nutrients that develop the body and fight off diseases.Here are...

Seven reasons you should get more sleep

Never mind the phrase you snooze you lose; in most cases you snooze you stay healthy or even save your life. Medically, it is...

Five health benefits of chocolate

Apart from satisfying your taste buds, research has shown that chocolate with a cocoa percentage of around 70% or more actually have some unbelievable...

Five health benefits of vegetables

Eating vegetables has various health benefits that can help improve almost everything about your health. Studies have revealed that apart from protecting you from...
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