5 ways Seriake Dickson and wife can cope with their quadruplets

Things are bound to get more hectic at the Government House in Yenagoa now that Bayelsa State Governor, Seriake Dickson, and wife, Rachael, have quadruplets.

Below are five ways the couple can cope with the new bunch.

  1. Get in a routine

One baby is a big adjustment. Bringing four home can cause even bigger changes life. It’s normal to feel overwhelmed catering for the needs of these bundles of joy. Finding a workable routine can help.

The babies will need to be fed, changed, comforted, and loved. It can be difficult to anticipate when they will need each of these things.

It will be useful to try to create a routine even with the throng of people coming and going, and nocturnal meetings.

While a routine is helpful, the governor should plan for every eventuality to allow some flexibility.

2. Find the best feeding method

Babies need to eat multiple times a day and this will not be a problem for a serving governor. However, with quadruplets, multiple times can easily mean “dozens”.

Mr and Mrs Dickson will have to experiment to find the best feeding method and routine for the babies.

If the wife chooses breastfeeding, it might take a couple of days or weeks to really get the hang of it. It is possible to feed two babies at once.

She can experiment with different positions. One method is to cradle one baby in each hand with their feet facing outward.

Chances are that she will choose to bottle feed. She should make sure the domestic aides (naturally) prep several bottles at a time so that you are ready when your babies need to eat.

3. Schedule tandem sleeps

Quadruplets formed a very close bond with one another while in the womb. Once they are born, they are still a great source of support for each other. Consider having them sleep together.

The governor might want to try putting the quadruplets in the same crib. The kids can soothe one another simply by being near.

If the babies are sleeping together, they are likely to wake at the same time for nighttime feedings. This will help manage feedings a little easier, even in the middle of the night.

4. Relax standards

Life with quadruplets is going to be hectic. For the first few months, the parents are mainly going to be concentrating on feeding and holding the babies. That means that it is okay to make sacrifices in other areas.

Standards of household neatness are going to have to relax for a while.

5. Make relationship a priority

The quadruplets are understandably going to take up a lot of time and energy. This is especially true when they are young. Combining caring for these young ones with carrying out state functions will be a daunting task too.

It’s normal to let things lapse. But it’s also important to try not to neglect relationship.