Buratai runs 60km to mark 60th birthday

Tukur Buratai

Chief of Army Staff Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai has completed a 60km run to mark his 60th birthday.

The army general turned 60 on November 24. The landmark age was heralded with a 7km annual marathon run on November 21 which was led by Burutai at the Aguiyi Ironsi Sports Cantonment in Abuja.

This year’s marathon was made elaborate to commemorate the 60th birthday of Buratai.

Only a few principal staff officers, personal staff and aides as well some family members of Buratai participated in this year’s annual marathon.

The 7km run by Buratai was the climax of a 60km run which he has covered in the last one year.

Upon completion of the 60km run, Buratai who is also a former athlete advised people of all age grades to embrace regular physical fitness exercise.

“I advise everyone to continue to keep fit. I advise the youth, middle age and even the old should continue to keep fit. Jogging is a form of physical exercise that you don’t need much to do, in terms of resources and even in terms of space. Outdoor exercise is very important so as to do it very well,” he said.